A curriculum exploring the influence of pharmaceuticals and medical products marketing on patient care and drug safety.

Welcome to our curriculum.  It has been divided, somewhat arbitrarily, into three sections:

  Ask your doctor
Direct to consumer advertising

Free samples

Industry sponsored
continuing education


  • We have constructed each module as a reflective exercise for adult learners.
  • Each learner creates his/her own portfolio and can use his/her own goals for this topic to direct the order in which you address the subject.
  • The objectives of each module are provided.
  • Each module begins with your reflection on your current ideas before viewing the material using the facilitated reflection piece provided.
  • The material is presented using different instructional methods, including:
    • a video,
    • a slide show presentation,
    • the text version of an interview with an expert on the topic
    • or an instructional exercise (an educational game).
  • References and links to other educational websites are also incorporated.

Getting Started:

  1. Choose the module of your choice.
  2. Read the objectives and instructions for that module.
  3. Complete the facilitated reflection provided to start the module.
  4. View the video and then review the other material provided.
  5. After viewing all the material, take a short quiz on the material.
  6. After completing the module, record your newly formed ideas on the topics via another facilitated reflection.
  7. Repeat this process with the other two modules.

Continuing Education

If you want to receive continuing education credit, complete the signup in the continuing education portion on the site.

Learning Material

Porfolio Reflections

The material linked here is available as either Flash or PowerPoint.