Free Samples

Characteristics of Patients Receiving Pharmaceutical Samples and Association Between Sample Receipt and Out-of-Pocket Prescription Costs 
Medical Care; Volume 46, Number 4, April 2008

Practical Guidelines for Economic Evaluations Alongside Equivalence Trials

A Physician Survey of the Effect of Drug Sample Availability on Physician’s Behavior

Free Drug Samples in the United States: Characteristics of Pediatric Recipients and Safety Concerns

Effects of Pharmaceutical Promotion on Adherence to the Treatment Guidelines for Depression

Scientific and Legal Viability of Follow-on Protein Drugs

The Cost of Pushing Pills: A New Estimate of Pharmaceutical Promotion Expenditures in the United States (external link)

Telithromycin: The Perils of Hast Adoption and Persistence of Off-Label Proscribing

Generic Competition and Market Exclusivity Periods in Pharmaceuticals (external link)

Perceptions of the Influence of Prescription Medicine Samples on Prescribing by Family Physicians

How do Brands’ “Own Generics” Affect Pharmaceutical Prices?

The International Pharmaceutical Market as a Source of Low-Cost Prescription Drugs for U.S. Patients

Extensions Of Intellectual Property Rights And Delayed Adoption Of Generic Drugs: Effects On Medicaid Spending

Advertising and generic market entry

Effects of changes in patient cost sharing and drug sample policies on prescription drug costs and utilization in a safety-net-provider setting

Doctor or / Drug Pusher (external link)

Generic Competition in the US Pharmaceutical Industry

Promotional methods used by representatives of drug companies: A prospective survey in general practice

Effects of a Physcian Office Generic Drug Sampling System on Generic Dispensing Ratios and Drug Costs in a Large Managed Care Organization

Patient, Physician, Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Benefit Design Factors Related to Generic Medication Use

What’s in a Name? Use of Brand versus Generic Drug Names in United States Outpatient Practice

Characteristics and Impact of Drug Detailing for Gabapentin

Medicare Beneficiaries and Free Prescription Drug Samples: A National Survey


Personal Use of Drug Samples by Physicians and Office Staff