Direct To Consumer Advertising

“Ask Your Doctor!”

Module on the promotion of pharmaceutical products thru advertising and other methods directed towards patients, for the purpose of influencing prescribing practices of health care professionals.

The Objectives For DTCA Are:

  1. Define Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTCA) & its impact on clinical practice
  2. Give examples of different forms for promotion of pharmaceutical products
  3. Learn approaches that use DTCA as an opportunity for better clinical practice’
  4. Have patient education tools that help patients be more informed consumers of pharmaceutical marketing’

Learn About DTCA By:

  1. Reflect on your understanding of DTCA and its influence on your medical practice in the portfolio.[link to a page of the portfolio entitled DTCA influence]
  2. Watch documentary on DTCA
  3. Read the history of DTCA
  4. Watch the slide show on DTCA.
  5. Read the article by Nancy Press and Wylie Burke. “If You Care about Women’s Health, Perhaps You Should Care about the Risks of Direct Marketing of Tamoxifen to Consumers” Effective Clinical Practice, March/April 2000.

Optional: for more about influence on our practices, try Debunking DTCA .Answer these questions on DTCA.

Review feedback on these questions.

  1. Reflect again on your understanding of DTCA in the portfolio. Note if there any difference in your attitude, knowledge or previous and expected practice before and after completing the module.

Optional: You can do reflections on use of generic medication either now or in the free samples unit.